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2019 Give Back is The Wide Open Charitable Foundation


Established on July 14, 2010, The Wide Open Charitable Foundation (WOCF) was created with the intent to fundraise for the research of Neuroblastoma and other Childhood Cancers while supporting children and families battling these diseases. 


The foundation was inspired by the life and love of William Richard Bunn, a young man who courageously fought a vicious disease. Because of William, the foundation strives to help other children and their families as they fight cancer.


The money they raise is donated to Dr. Ian Davis, William's oncologist, for childhood cancer research at UNC Children's Hospital. They also collect new toys, games and crafts for the patients at both Wake Med and UNC Children's. As they learn of families with children fighting cancer, they raise money to help cover the cost of treatment and collect gift cards to help with day-to-day costs such as food and travel expense.


The Foundation is entirely volunteer-based. What little overhead they do have is paid for by recycling scrap metal. In this way, they are able to donate nearly 100% of the money they receive!


To date, the Foundation has raised and donated the following:


  • Over $200,000.00 to UNC Children's Hospital for childhood cancer research
  • Over $27,000.00 to families in need
  • Over $33,000.00 in toys, games and crafts to patients at UNC Children's Hospital and Wake Med Hospital
  • Over $500.00 in gift cards 
Visit their Website to donate or find more information about the events they are having:
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Thank you so much for shopping Simply Anchored Gifts and supporting The Wide Open Charitable Foundation! Together, we are making a real difference in the lives of children and their families!